Sunday, May 20, 2007


As Sunday closes, the world outside is cold and dark, a few warm thoughts.

All is at Rest (Sabbath).

The Hebrew of the first line of Genesis literally translated is: "In a beginning".....

Like "Once Upon a Time." We're in dreamtime in other words.

In a/the beginning, God created the heavens and earth.

The beginning is the space which underlies all reality. Eternity. The space from which God is always creating this and every moment. Like liquid dripping from the faucet are all the worlds upon worlds and trillions of beings upon beings.

And all of it is "very good." From the pov of the beginning. The Dream-time.

And yet these drips, this water of existences, wants to tussle. Creation and destruction in every moment. Wants to evolve. Wants us to be involved at the core of its awakening.


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