Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Iraq as Jihadi Training Ground

The Fatah al-Islam fight in Lebanon is likely an outgrowth of the Iraqi conflict. Radicalized in the Iraqi exodus. So argues Francis Fukuyama in this blogginghead with Bob Wright.

The Americans are blaming Syria (of course), but seems the group is more likely connected to viral al-Qaeda Salafi revivalism.

The training group has spread to Afghanistan as we know.

Fly paper theory not exactly working out as planned. In fact the complete opposite. Creating a whirling force that is going to spent out centripetally. Jordan is in the cross-hairs.

And what of Peter Bergen's argument that IEDs could be exploded domestically in the US? Check out this video (Timz, an Iraqi-American Rapper) on youtube. I'm not necessarily endorsing all his views, but you sense in it what Bergen predicts. Nir Rosen too. [Note: not that the artist is advocating violence/terrorism, just that you see the level of rage rising].

Namely that the Iraqis will be the new Palestinians. And that the "they" who will come to fight us back here after US pullout. Namely it will be radicalized Iraqis who will be the ones to come after the US.

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