Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Forgotten War II: More on Afghanistan

For background this Blogginghead divalog between David Corn and Peter Bergen.

Bergen probably the English-speaking world expert on Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda. Extensive traveler in Afghanistan & Pakistan.

One of the key points has been reported elsewhere, that Iraqi open-source jihadis are funneling money to al-Qaeda in Pakistan. Not only have the Taliban learned guerilla style warfare from the Iraqis, Afghan militants are now getting moneys from oil/kidnappings, etc. Suicide bombers, IEDs, these have all been learned from Iraq.

Bergen makes a very chilling hypothesis. That the Taliban may turn a la the FARC in Colombia into essentially a narco-trafficking gang. This seems to me very possible. Particularly given FW I reporting that some "moderate" militant elements might be pulled in, extremist extremists (as it were) leaving completely. Making them perfect candidates for open-source warfare. Which is urban to the core.

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