Saturday, April 14, 2007

More on intra-Sunni Iraqi Splits

Story from al Jazeera (English) on the splitting of two major Sunni insurgent factions: the Islamic Army in Iraq and al-Qaeda in Iraq.

Two interesting statements from the Islamic Army's spokesman Ibrahim al Shammari (whose face is obscured on the website for protection reasons):

1. They desire only to negotiate with the US congress, the "representatives of the American people" not with the "arrogant US administration." First time I've heard that one--don't know if that is just talk or what.

2. More importantly, Shammari states there are two enemies in Iraq: the US and Iran. And Iran is the bigger threat. This is the fear of all Sunni fears. It also helps make the issue not be Shia/Sunni but Iraqi/Iranian.

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