Saturday, April 14, 2007

Turk-istan War?

More on rising Kurdish-Turkish tensions. Here and here. (From AsiaTimes).

The Turks, it is reported the Turks are clearing mines on the T-K and have agents in Kurdistan.

Kurdish premier (I don't know what his official title is, head of one party state) in Kurdistan Massoud Barzani said this week if the Turks enter Kurdistan, the peshmerga (the Kurdish military) will have to support Turkish Kurds. That was not a good thing to say. i.e. Playing right into Turkey's greatest fear, a push towards independence in Eastern Turkey among the Kurdish population.

Mr. President send James Baker over pronto. These are two American allies in a sea of anti-Americanism. Stupid comments like Barzani's are only making it worse. Kirkuk is the flashpoint. Condi doesn't have the cred or the experience to talk ball with these kind of players. Only the Texan Baker does. Send him and Holbrooke over now.

Update: Story from People's Daily, 3 PKK Kurdish militants arrested in SE Turkey.

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