Thursday, April 26, 2007

HFord on Charlie Rose

Interview with HF on Charlie Rose.

Want to highlight something he says, but doesn't have time to follow up on. He says (following his campaign) that a year from now we will be closer to Biden's soft partition. That was a message to the other Democratic presidential candidates, especially Obama and Clinton.

What they got me thinking was this: events are going to shift in that direction, which may be good for a Democratic nominee. Obama's main weakness of his speech is his Iraq policy--he needs to move, in my mind, to the Biden plan.

So I think the talking points about deadlines/benchmarks loose-strict, numbers of drawdown, forces over the horizon, etc. are all pretty worthless for now. The Democrats are going to continue to fund the war, Bush is going to keep troops to the end of his term.

And by 2008 the partition will be in effect seems to me.

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