Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Depression about Hillary and Rudy

A smart piece by Michele Malkin (yes I'm positively quoting Malkin) that makes me more depressed about Hillary. If that's possible. [Strangely this is putting me into the same camp as Andrew Sullivan].

The piece derides Hillary for a slew of badly thought out, conceived, and farcical comments to black constituents during the last year. I agree with this statement by Malkin:
Mrs. Clinton, whom conventional wisdom mistakenly casts as the smarter, more disciplined politician of the household, didn't learn from her hubby's Sister Souljah triumph.
In other words conventional wisdom is way off. Hillary has a streak of the stupid in her that I fear.

Rudy. More depression. If I'm worried by Hillary's stupid streak, my fear of Rudy's is his mean, f--k everybody streak.

Following up on positivity to theorists I don't normally go in for, a double dip on Andrew Sullivan. I like this post of his on Rudy's recent foreign policy speech to launch his presidential bid into overdrive. He calls Rudy the Jack Bauer candidate.

Killer line:
The logic of Giuliani's case is therefore an open-ended occupation of much of the Middle East - an idea that seems extremely September 12. Has he learned nothing from Iraq - except the need to create more Iraqs? The "offense" argument is so crude, in other words, as to be meaningless. The question is not about "offense" or "defense"; it's about smart offense and dumb offense. We've seen dumb offense. Look at what it has accomplished.
This is an important line because as Kevin Drum correctly notes, Dems have weakly responded to Giuliani.

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