Sunday, April 22, 2007

Bad News On Israeli Settler Front

Article from NyTimes here.

Gist of the article....because of PM Olmert's abysmal approval ratings (lower than Bush if you can believe that) settlers are reclaiming territory in the disputed, er occupied lands. The family in this article returned to Hebron.

Olmert was elected recall on the platform of following through on Sharon's disengagement plan. The election of Hamas and the disastrous conflict with Hezbollah has cost Olmert his support. He is now feckless and ignored. This is a consequence of the dis-engagement plan being a unilateral operation. It has given credence to the far-right in Israel (Likud) that the only way to preserve Israeli's position is essentially unconditional promotion of the settlement/occupation and long term war and mobilization of society for war.

End with this quotation from the article:
“We have to put an end to this idea that if we give up our homes we will get something peaceful from terrorists,” said Yishai Hollender, a spokesman for the Yesha Council, which represents settlers in the West Bank.
Update: Story from Wapo---fighting breaking out in West Bank. Israeli soldiers kill three Palestinians. Hamas calls for revenge. We may be on the verge of a 3rd intifada.


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