Friday, September 01, 2006

Reading List

A reading list of "radical middle" books by Mark Satin.

Read about 1/2, am familiar with the arguments of about 2/3 of the authors recommended.

Books on the list I particularly call to attention: Joseph Nye on Soft Power; Fareed Zakaria on Illiberal Democracy; Matthew Miller on the 2% Solution; and Jason Hill on Cosmopolitanism for the 21st century.

Generally fall into what I would call a post-liberal/post-conservative stance. Lots of great stuff to chew on. Those are Americans on the list (or an American transplant in Zakaria). To show that I'm not all Continental all the time in thought. [Last sentence is tongue-in-cheek, not a dig].

Full Disclosure: Satin recommends the books of Warren Farrell and Bill Ury both of whom are connected to Integral Institute. Also Satin is familiar with Spiral Dynamics but as I recall does not use it in any way in his own book.


At 3:03 AM, Blogger ~C4Chaos said...

man! you're a voracious reader of political stuff. i can't even catch up with mine. so i'll just leave it to you to churn on stuff and read your blog ;)

for the record: i didn't even know the difference of left/right, democrat/repulican, until i came to the U.S. that's good know now, but i still don't know how to label my stance aside from calling myself an Ignorantselfishsingulartarian ;)



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