Monday, September 18, 2006

In the Womb

Watched a great documentary called In the Womb from National Geographic. Uses computer generated images based off new 3-D and 4-D (3 Dimensions plus time) ultrasound pictures. Amazingly beautiful piece.

The baby shows REM cycle sleeping at 8 months and therefore might likely be dreaming in the womb. How wild is that?

Identical twins as opposed to fraternal twins are not separated by placentas, and therefore touch/are in contact throughout the time in the womb. Interesting to note the connection between physical touch and emotional bonding/conscious connection.

A thought that occurred to me was how inane all these useless arugments about evolution really are, in the biological realm. That we have to argue about outside creators intervening at speical moments or fixed texts or that because we can explain the mechanisms whereby biological developmetn occurss-natural selection generally--the process is therefore meaningless.

Watch a documentary like this from an artistic/contemplative frame and there is no question about meaningless or having explained the process. The explanation of the mechanisms whereby this infant gains an ability to breathe, sense, and coordinate muscles only adds to the mystery and awe of it, not lessens it.

I find that pov that there is consciousness and matter arising simultaneously. That there is a correlation between greater material complexity and greater subtlety of energy and gres ater depth of awareness. Others won't go that far in terms of a mental construct/view, which is fine. I'm more interested these days in just whether people are willing even for a moment to let go of these arrogant egoic postures that seek to explain the process: God created it, Natural Selection did hence its meaningless, whatever---instead of communing beyond the mechanical contraction. And being with mystery instead of tryingg to explain it away.


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