Friday, September 15, 2006

Bush Coming 'round on Iran

An important op-ed from David Ignatius. He was allowed a one-on-one interview with Bush, which in and of itself signals where things are going. If you have been reading Ignatius' posts on Iran, including his recent travels to the country, you understand his position and why the Bush administration has chosen him to be their media outlet.

Bush is now firmly on the diplomatic track. I don't know how Iran will respond. My gut has told me that they want the bomb, and a deal would have to include that, but it definitely is worth, in my mind, the shot of trying minus the bomb/minus the sanctions.

Such a full-diplomatic recognition, promise of security might be enough to tempt the Iranian Regime and would boost Ahmadinejad to almost second place status behind Khomeni (and perhaps even more important frankly) in the anals of their history.


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