Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Possibly Best Piece on why Iraq will Continue

From John Robb:
If you think the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will end with this US presidency, think again. These wars will likely outlast the next several Presidents. The old Vietnam era formulas don't apply anymore. The reason is that the moral weaknesses that have traditionally limited the state's ability to fight long guerrilla wars have dissipated, and modern states may now have the ability and the desire to wage this type of war indefinitely.

For three reasons says Robb:

  • 1. Better media relations by the military (Petraeus strolling with Katie Couric through Fallujah calling).
  • 2.On-going and indefinite threat of terrorism
  • 3.The privatization of conflict (Blackwater-ization of conflict). For Robb this is most important.
This is why with the majority of US populace wanting out of Iraq, it will not matter.

Because this is not 4th Generational Warfare like Vietnam.


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