Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Russian Nazi Jihadis?

This is very scary (from NyTimes):

MOSCOW, Aug. 14 — The Russian authorities said Tuesday that they were investigating a video recording of what appeared to be the grisly execution of two bound and gagged young men, filmed in a forest beneath a large Nazi flag. At least one of the men was beheaded on camera as he lay in a shallow grave.

The video, which appeared Sunday on several Russian ultranationalist Web sites, circulated on the Internet with a note from a previously unknown organization calling itself the National-Socialist Party of Russia. The note announced that a “military vanguard” had begun an armed struggle against “black colonists and those who support them from the Russian government.”

It demanded the expulsion from Russia of all Asians and people from the Caucasus and the granting of independence to all of Russia’s internal republics in the Caucasus.

The note also called for the resignation of President Vladimir V. Putin and the establishment of a government formed by Dmitri G. Rumyantsev, the leader of the National-Socialist Society, a neo-Nazi group.

The jihadi reference is due to the "invention" (as horrible as it is to use that word) of the Youtube execution genre by (I believe) Zarqawi and his crew. That meme tragically appears to have spread. [Unless we give the credit to the Mafia with snuff films]. Gruesome.

We've certainly seen Russian ultra-nationalism growing in strength, but more of that is pro-Putin (and the history of how many Russians died from the Nazis and how the victory over the Nazis is a crowning glory of Russian and formerly Soviet military and national history).


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