Saturday, August 25, 2007

One Che cont'd.

I've discussed before (via William Easterly) there are "planners" and "searchers".

Planners usually fall into the liberal tradition. Liberal in the more modern sense. From Keynes, FDR, social welfare states, Jeffrey Sachs "End of Poverty", to the communism/socialist state owned system. Top-down.

Searchers typically fall within the conservative tradition (modern Anglo-American conservative tradition). Bottom-up.

The Anglo-American common law tradition is more a searcher tradition. Localized scale, trial and error, organic.

The Latin American world comes from the Roman (Catholic and Spanish/Portuguese colonial) tradition which is top-down planner model.

There is very little budge in that system. Which when there is challenge, tends to push the momentum in the other direction (communism). But the same mindset in reverse: top-down, planner model.

Latifunida-right wing aristocratic agrarian empire versus left-wing communist/state socialist model.


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