Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Radical Middle's Immigration Proposal

Some very good ideas in there imo. Article here.

I very much like the first point which is scanning the current debate from all different quarters and reconstructing their proper interests and then designing a policy that aims at those.

Here's Satin:

We will never be able to reconcile all the different positions on immigration hinted at above. They contradict one another at every turn!

However, there is no reason why we can’t design an immigration bill that reconciles all the interests above. They are not contradictory; they are in fact complementary. CHEERS to

  • the Radical Left for urging that we treat all immigrants (legal or illegal) with dignity . . . and for granting Hispanic immigrants the right to help our culture evolve;
  • the Liberal Left for fostering popular tolerance of and respect for Mexican immigration;
  • the Populist Left for focusing on the well-being of the American worker;
  • the Populist Right for focusing on the health and integrity of American culture, including our respect for law and order;
  • the Free-Market Right for seeking to preserve the U.S. as a land of opportunity for all; and
  • the Libertarian Right for seeking to do the same
This is what I've been trying to articulate more and more, that this view is a deep trust in the Universe. That these views do not arise accidentally. That, as in biology, environments do not exist separately then work passively on a predetermined organism (see Richard Lewontin: Triple Helix), but rather, as a metaphor, organisms construct their environments.

This is a good way to start and one can agree with this basic reconstruction and then sincerely disagree about some of the proposals about how best to implement a program to meet these desires (micro-environments). It does require a systems view, a wide scope look and as I'm saying a deep trust in the process.


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