Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Further proof

That the frontlines of the War on Terror in the West lie in a nexus of Britain and Pakistan, helping spread al-Qaeda viral ideology. Also the most dangerous place for Americans--as these are British citizens who can easily fly/come to the US.

[Further proof that the notion that non-state actors are always supported by the state and therefore the state should be be pre-emptively changed--we're not invading Britain anytime soon I think].

Story here.

This attack was meant to replicate Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's tactics in Iraq--interestingly not bin Laden/Zawahiri. i.e. to videotape executions and post them on the web. In this case of a Muslim police officer, meant to send the signal--again this is pure Zarqawi--that any alliance with infidels makes a Muslim kuffar and therefore open to attack.

The Brits again--like in the foiled airline terror bombing--show their years of dealing with domestic terrorism, aka IRA and Orange Prot. militant groups, has given them smarts about how to deal with these threats.


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