Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A light shines in the darkness

President Ahmad. of Iran received his comeuppance about the shameful Holocaust-denial conference he sponsored in Tehran this week.

Of course most of the outcry came from the usual suspects: European leaders, Jewish groups, sane people, etc.

But did you catch this group of protesters (emphasis mine):

A CONFERENCE of the world's most prominent Holocaust deniers opened in Iran yesterday amid international condemnation and protests by dozens of Iranian students, who burned pictures of president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and chanted "death to the dictator". Never has the hardline leader, who was giving a speech at a university in Tehran yesterday, faced such open hostility at home.
Pesky students. Don't they know their country is a totalitarian dictatorship and that the President of their country holds all the power? Or at least that is what our media is telling us, maybe you guys don't get Foxnews?

Do we really think bombing this country will make those students love us? Or should we take a cue from Ahmadeinjad himself and see them as the Soviets, soon to be ex-authoritarians? I know dozens isn't exactly hundreds of thousands but interesting nonetheless. The more he pushes the more the resistance to him is coming above ground. In 2 days, when Iran has its important local and assembly elections, the momentum seems to be against the Pres. and his supporters.

The time to strike a bargain is right after his first major political loss.


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