Thursday, October 26, 2006

Attacked in the Shower (by your girl)

Yesterday morning I took a shower. The cold water left me for some reason, leaving only the hot, and I got a tad scalded. I quickly moved to the back of the shower, did the tip toe thing and then reached across to knock the shower head down, so I could reach the button to send it back to the faucet. Turn it off and start all over again.

Took a shower last night with Chloe (not for that reason....). Going in I jinked the thing I realize now. I mentioned that the cold water went out and I got burnt.

Sure enough 5 minutes into the shower, same deal. Bam, no cold. So I go into reflex mode and go to the back. But that didn't really work because Clo couldn't get out of the way of the hot water. So there's a little confusion as she gets hit--she doesn't hit the button, I don't take one as the man for the team to my shame. So then I go to get out of the shower and in the moment of trying to pull the curtain away, she pushes me, and I go down.

Of course she didn't mean for me to fall.

Anyway, I sip on the water, trip over the lip of the tub and crash on the floor and then to add insult to injury the curtain ignominously falls on my head. I had a perfect impression of the tub on my side. Fortunately no broken bones, just some real soreness--especially in my hand which broke my fall. It could have been a lot worse.

Honestly, I think my ego is wounded more than the body. But hey, good practice for marriage right? [I just lost my two female readers--sorry ladies].


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