Monday, March 06, 2006

Past the century mark on posts. Began working on a Islamic modernity post that has morphed into quite a lengthy piece. Will break it up into segments (Classical Medieval Islamic Theology; Modern Jihadist; and the outlines of what I consider to be a forward [and realistic] next step, step and a half for Muslim theological interpretation).

A common chant that I hear running through many op-eds, commentaries, blogosphere is support modern-progressive movements in Islam. Which is great, all for that. But almost universally the people who promote such an idea have basically no idea of the basic concepts, history, and structure of Islamic theology. By far the least understood great world religion in our society, even among the so-called educated (even humanistic education).
And while I've ceased posting on my personal life, for those who wonder how I am, the general answer is hanging in there but otherwise not very good. As I had to leave Vancouver and return to Cincinnati against my will, and am still in the process of trying to move back and re-establish my life there (with Chloe)---simply put I am just not here. Even though its been over a year by now, I've never really settled back in. I have never felt like I"m back home. Rather this is the place where I was raised, but there really isn't any connection to this land, to the people, to their trials and joys. Physically I'm in the 'nati. But emotionally and mentally I'm marooned, lost in a betwixt and between place. Mostly I'm just running through the motions of a life here like an automaton. In fact other than conventionally, I wouldn't refer to it as my life, but rather a life I'm playing the part of. So, as always I appreciate everyone's intentions, thoughts, prayers, and so on.


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